Sunday, September 4, 2016

Clean Up your Laundry Routine with Tips to Save Time, Money and your Health

Do you feel as if the laundry multiplies at night while you sleep?  Parent surveys reveal that household laundry is the second most dreaded chore behind doing the nightly dishes.

Whether you work full-time in the home or outside the home, household laundry can be a daunting task, but it is one of the most important household tasks out there. You may go an extra day or two (even a week if you need to do so) with a dirty toilet in the bathroom, but if you are out of underwear, pants and socks then you've got a huge problem.

We have some tips that can save you time, money and your health.

Laundry Tips to Save Time, Money and Your Health


1. One Load Per Day (Skip one weekend day if you can) 
If you need to go to your office by 9 a.m. on weekdays, put in a load of wash as soon as all showers are taken in the morning.  When you come home, the load will be ready for the dryer.  If your schedule allows you to do one load a day then it will keep the laundry pile from being chaos. If you are really organized, assign each person a certain laundry day on a specific day of the week and they can help with the chore.

2.  Organize Laundry Loads by per Person
Many moms find that doing laundry by each person in the family makes folding and putting away laundry a lot easier. Keep a laundry basket in each person's closet or have designated baskets in the laundry room for each person in the family.

3. Have a Prewash Checklist to Keep your Clothes Looking its Best

  • Treat stains (You can even use Thieves Soap on stains before washing)
  • Zip zippers, clothes snaps, and hooks. Buttons stay undone
  • Turn pockets inside out and unroll cuffs. 
  • Turn delicate items, sweaters and cotton T-shirts inside out. 

4. Fold Laundry Immediately
Raise your hand if you are guilty of leaving dried clothes in the dryer for a day or two? It happens. We all get busy, but folding and putting away the laundry as soon as you hear that ding will help keep your laundry routine on schedule and keep your laundry room clean. If you put in a load of laundry before you left for work, put it in the dryer as soon as you return home. Budget 15 minutes for folding in your evening and then you'll be ready for the next load.  Want to watch Fixer Upper instead? Take your unfolded clothes with you and do it in front of the TV. You may find that folding clothes moving up on your list of household chores.

5. When it comes to Laundry Detergents, LESS is MORE 
Do your homework. Know what you are putting on your clothes. Toxic chemicals are in a lot of household and personal products as revealed in a University of Washington study on household products The U.S. bans just 11 ingredients known to cause health risks. What you put on your clothes, gets into your skin. Even when things say all-natural on a label, companies do not have to reveal synthetic fragrances. For example, see the list in this particular brand of Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent. Marketing leads you to believe you are making a good, natural choice, but the ingredients prove otherwise.

Learn what is in your laundry detergent
Seventh Generation Natural Laundry Detergent Vs. Young Living's Thieves Laundry Detergent
Based on Ingredients, Thieves is Safer for the Consumer

Download the EWG "HealthyLiving App" to make safe consumer choices. This latest study from the EWG is alarming. Most products ranked poorly.

Thieves is a Plant-Based Detergent with a Citrus Scent. It's made with Thieves, Jade Lemon, Bergamot Essential Oils and Natural Cleaning Enzymes. No fillers.

We recommend Young Living's Thieves Laundry Detergent. Why Thieves?  We like Thieves because of what it doesn't have in it. With a clean, citrus scent, Thieves is highly concentrated with one bottle formulated for 64 loads of laundry. At a quick calculation, it's about 10 cents more per load than some of  other natural over-the-counter brands found in the grocery store or online. However, there are still a lot of less than ideal ingredients in these household brands. Out of more than 1,000 laundry products in the EWG database, only 93 products got an A grade and if you look deeper into the ingredients with those listed with a safer A grade, there are still some ingredients in these detergents that cause some health concern.

6. Join Young Living and SAVE MONEY
Young Living has a great optional essential rewards program for its members. When you purchase products as a rewards member, you get product credit back to spend at your leisure on other products.With a minimum $50 order, consumers earn 5 point credits (usually a point equals one dollar in savings). After four months as an essential rewards members, consumers get 20 points back for all purchases. A $50 minimum would give members 20 points back. At that rate, members could use points to get a free bottle of Thieves Detergent every two months. Learn more about Young Living and its advantages on our Essential Oils 101 link.  Join our group, and chat daily with our editors, members and have your essential oil and product questions answered.

 Begin your healthy living journey at this link.  Not ready for a kit (it's important to note that premium starter kits are most economical because you get around $300 of products for $160) since may be just starting out on your healthy lifestyle journey, you can always join as a basic member (membership fee of $45 plus a complimentary gift) or shop retail at any time to purchases any products in the Young Living catalog. Members say 24 percent off of retail prices 


  1. I do laundry by person as well and it's such a timesaver. Once I'm done folding, the responsible kid takes all his clothes up to put them away. Thanks for these great tips and hosting Small Victories Sunday Linkup with us!

    1. Thank you so very much. Yes, doing laundry by kid does help a lot.

  2. Stopping by from A Life Well Red. Always need more laundry ideas. Mount laundry is a neverending alpine challenge in our house.