Friday, July 8, 2016

How Much Fluid Do You Really Need a Day? It May be More than You Realize

During the summer months, it's important that you stay hydrated especially in tropical climates. But, how much fluid do you need to intake a day? It varies based on your size, your activity level, and condition of health, according to experts at the Mayo Clinic

In a tropical climate for a moderately active 140-pound person, this daily intake chart estimates a person needs about 102.8 ounces of fluid a day. But, what about a sedentary person in a tropical climate who stays indoors all day and weighs the same 140 pounds. The estimate is about 86 ounces of fluid. The bottom line, our bodies need hydration and without hydration, our bodies also cannot metabolize fat well. Water is needed to make sure our organs run properly and to remove toxins. 

Calculate your fluid intake here  with this chart from. Another rule of thumb to learn your fluid intake is to multiply your weight by 67 percent. For every 30-minutes of exercise, it is recommended to add an additional 12 ounces of fluid to your day. 

It's simple. The more you weigh. The more you need to get in your daily fluids. How do you get these fluids? Drinking water is a great bet, but drinking 102 fluid ounces may be challenging.  Luckily, we get much of our needed fluids in our diet, about 20 percent on a daily basis. 

The following foods are 90 percent water by weight and are great for getting extra water through meals. 

Top Foods that Help You Get your Daily Ounces of  Fluids

Drink water with your meals, fresh fruits, and vegetables or maybe even a nice salad and you'll be getting your fluids easily. 

Fruits and Vegetables can help you get your daily required fluids.

Are you getting fluid with your morning cup of java? According to the Mayo Clinic, the answer is yes. 

 "Beverages such as milk and juice are composed mostly of water. Even beer, wine and caffeinated beverages — such as coffee, tea or soda — can contribute, but these should not be a major portion of your daily total fluid intake. Water is still your best bet because it's calorie-free, inexpensive and readily available."


Flavor your water with fresh fruit.  These natural water fruit-infused recipes will help you keep stay dehydrated.