Friday, March 9, 2018

Fun Finds Vol. 2 | Inspired by Spring

Who else is ready for Spring to arrive?  I can't wait to be able to wear the new spring fashion trends.  Pastels, espadrilles, and straw bags are hot for the upcoming season.  Here are our picks, our "fun finds," ranging from shoes and clothing to accessories and beauty products, that we have curated for the warmer weather to come.

These fun finds, inspired by spring trends, are great additions to your wardrobe.  From shoes to clothing to accessories, these pretty items are perfect for spring.  |

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Friday, March 2, 2018

Insanely Quick and Healthy Breakfast

If you are looking for a quick and delicious breakfast that is full of protein, fruit, and healthy nutrients, we have found the perfect morning meal.  This incredibly easy breakfast satisfies your sweet tooth cravings and keeps you full all morning.

Breakfast has changed a lot since I was a kid.  I grew up on cereal and pop tarts.  For me, breakfast was the fun meal of the day, filled with prizes in cereal boxes and sweet treats. Today still, the breakfast aisle at the grocery store is filled with sugary cereals that offer little nutritional value.

It's hard to find quick and easy breakfast ideas that are nutritious and not highly processed.  That's why I started eating this healthy, protein- and nutrient-packed breakfast daily. It's quick to put together and tastes decadent.

Quick and Healthy Breakfast with Greek Yogurt, Fresh Fruit and Cacao Nibs.  Decadent and delicious, full of healthy nutrients and protein. |