Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Nontoxic Holiday Nail Guide for Women of All Ages

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A fresh manicure can elevate your look and make you feel polished (literally!)  It's like adding an extra accessory to your outfit.  Typically, I like to wear neutral and classic shades, such as solid creme colors in light pinks and nudes.  And I do enjoy the white and gray polish trends that I feel anyone of any age can wear.  But when it comes to the holidays, a festive polish can add a bit of glam to any outfit.  Today, I've picked out some stylish colors that a woman of any age can try out during the holidays.  As a bonus, these polishes are more eco-friendly than most, so you can feel better about using them.  

I LOVE these lacquers from Kendra Scott.  They are cruelty-free and 5 Free, which means they are made without 5 of the dangerous chemicals that are in most polishes.   The shades are classy and subtle and match the beautiful jewelry that she designs.  I own the Kendra Scott Elisa Pendant Necklace that I wear almost every day.  It is my favorite necklace because it is versatile and classic and I can layer it with other necklaces.  Mine is gold with an ivory stone, but they are all simply beautiful! 

Back to the nail polish...These lacquers can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion.  You could wear them glammed up to a cocktail party or toned down to a simple dinner party.  The Gold Metallic and Rose Gold Metallic are my favorite shades.  

For the holidays, reds with a gold metallic undertone are a subtle but luxurious change from traditional red.  Zoya Tawny and Butter London Firecracker are perfect, festive choices.   Zoya polishes are a 10 Free product, and Butter London nail lacquers are 8 Free and cruelty-free.  This polish hue would look best with gold jewelry.  
If you are planning to wear silver jewelry, then Jinsoon Cantata is a perfect complement.  It is a shimmery gray tone that will look nice for every day or a party, and Jinsoon polishes are 10 Free and cruelty-free.  Zoya Genesis is an iridescent white that makes it perfect for an everyday holiday look.  

On a side note, I never used to give myself a manicure.  Waiting for the polish to set took too much time, and I always managed to mess up my nails before they were completely dry.  And then the polish would chip after a couple of days.  Recently, though, I figured out the key to solving these problems.  Check back soon (or subscribe so you don't miss it!)  for a post about my game-changing manicure routine.  It will make giving yourself a regular manicure a breeze!  

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