About Us

Living Young and Healthy was founded on the premise that everyone can look and feel young, regardless of age.  Here you will find our tips for curating the good life.  We will talk honestly about style, beauty and healthy living in a real and obtainable way.  We don't believe that one needs to spend a lot of money or time to be stylish and put together.

Meet the Editors:  Leigh Powell Hines and Kim Prejs


Our friendship began 12 years ago when our oldest children were just infants.  An instant bond was formed.  We spent those beginning years comparing notes about raising children, but our friendship blossomed beyond that.  Now, each with two children of our own, we enjoy spending time together with and without our kids.  Leigh lives in Raleigh, NC, and Kim lives in Chapel Hill, NC, so our annual tradition of taking the kids on a summer trip together has kept us all close.

Our Summer 2017 trip to New Bern, NC
During a ladies' trip to Pinehurst, NC in December 2017, we decided to join forces and become business partners.  Leigh, the founder of HinesSightBlog.com. @OutaboutNC, and LivingYoungandHealthy.com, has passed the reigns of LivingYoungandHealthy.com to Kim, who will manage content and day to day operations of this site. Leigh will continue to focus on travel and her #outaboutnc Live Moments.

Being in our forties, 7 years apart, we have learned tricks and tips to cultivate "the good life." We feel that as we age, we gain confidence and are more comfortable in our own skin.  We are everyday women who don't strive for perfection but hope to be our best selves.  Our goal with Living Young and Healthy is that our readers will find valuable advice about staying young, even as that pesky number we call age gets bigger.


  1. I look forward to reading along. I am in Raleigh NC!

    1. So glad to hear that. Kim has some great content to bring you this year. Leigh