Sunday, January 21, 2018

Fun Finds Vol. 1 | Inspired by Valentine's Day

Welcome to our first edition of FUN FINDS!  In these posts, we will share things we have found around the internet that are interesting, unique and fun.  Volume 1 is inspired by Valentine's Day.  Any of these items would make the perfect gift for a woman in your life (including yourself!)

Fun Finds Vol. 1 | Inspired by Valentine's Day |
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ONE | Pink Marble Patterned Cell Phone Case

I actually own this case for my iPhone and I love it.  It is really pretty in person and glams up an otherwise boring phone.  Highly recommend!

Two | Rose Gold Mirrored Frame Sunglasses

These adorable sunglasses are such a great price.  I can't go anywhere without sunglasses, even in the winter.  Even on cloudy days!  And it's not about vanity or hiding my puffy eyes (lol)'s because the rays of the sun damage our eyes.  Wearing sunglasses is as important as wearing sunscreen.   But, on a vain note, squinting causes wrinkles, so sunglasses help to prevent crow's feet too.

Three | Michael Kors Watch

I am loving the combination of pink and gray with anything, and this watch is no exception.  It is the perfect everyday accessory. 

Four | Heart Patterned Pumps

How cute are these pumps???  I love the look of a simple outfit and the shoes being the focus of the ensemble.  These would be the perfect focal point for a Valentine's Day look.  

Five | Love Knot Bangle Bracelet

Such a sweet and dainty find.  This bracelet is adjustable and says it can fit any size wrist.  

Six | Pink Agate Coasters

I would love these coasters in my living room.  The agate is so pretty.  I've always loved natural stone, so I think it's great that it is on trend right now.  

Seven | Marble-Patterned Make Up Brushes

Adorable brushes for any makeup lover's collection.  

Eight | Pink Confetti Knit Beanie

This hat is in my shopping cart and I can't wait to wear it this winter.  The ribbing makes it special and different from others.

Nine | Beauty Counter Rose Lip Sheers

These Lip Sheers from Beauty Counter are gorgeous and so comfortable to wear!  They are hydrating and perfect for the winter and any time of year.  This Rose shade is soft and pretty for all complexions.

Ten | Slip-On Loafers

Loafer mules are all the rage right now.  I own a pair in black but would love these dusty pink suede ones in my shoe collection.  

Eleven | Pink Sneakers

These are not sneakers I would work out in, but I've ordered this pair to wear as everyday fashion sneakers.  Perfect addition to an athleisure look!  

My husband and I don't usually exchange gifts on Valentine's Day, so these Fun Finds are things I would purchase for myself.  But if you are looking for a gift for a loved one, any of these would be perfect.  For more gift inspiration, check out this gift guide.  

Fun Finds Vol. 1 | Inspired by Valentine's Day |

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