5 Must-Read Summer Book Recommendations

I've always been an avid reader.  My earliest childhood memories include reading picture books with my parents, and as I grew older, my love for narratives by Beverly Cleary and Judy Bloom went strong.  In high school, I can remember devouring the vampire-themed novels that were popular at the time, then segueing into John Grisham thrillers in my twenties.

These five novels are compelling page-turners that you won't want to put down | www.livingyoungandhealthy.com

These days, I enjoy reading anything from Memoir and Historical Fiction to Realistic Fiction and Chick-Lit.  My favorite books are those that make me think deep, with characters that are relatable and realistic.

Over the years, with life getting busy, reading has often gone to the wayside.  But this summer, I rekindled my love for reading and have been able to finish quite a few novels.  I've put together my summer reading list with five of my favorite reads (well, four books and one series) that you won't want to put down and will keep you turning the pages.

Kristen Hannah does it again with this story about a family's search for a new life in Alaska | www.livingyoungandhealthy.com

The Great Alone by Kristen Hannah

One of my all-time favorite authors, Kristen Hannah does not disappoint with her newest novel.  Set mainly in Alaska, she tells the story of a dysfunctional family trying to find a new life in a new land.  The story made me have all the feels: excited, angry, encouraged, scared, distraught, bittersweet and ecstatic.  If you haven't read Kristen Hannah's books before, I also highly recommend The Nightingale and Winter Garden.

This series of books follows the intertwined lives of women living in the same small California town | www.livingyoungandhealthy.com

The Girls of Mischief Bay Series by Susan Mallery

This was a fun series of books to read.  The four books include The Girls of Mischief Bay,  The Friends We Keep, A Million Little Things, and Sisters Like Us.  I started with one and got hooked.  I have to admit that I read them out of order because I didn't realize it was a series at first, but that didn't matter.  Each book is different enough that I did not need to have read the others to understand it.  Each book follows the intertwined lives of different women and their families.  The characters are relatable and fun, and these easy reads would be perfect for light reading on the beach.

A must-read novel about World War 2 intertwines the lives of three young woman: an American, a Polish girl and a German Nazi | www.livingyoungandhealthy.com

Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly

The novel itself is right up my alley: Historical Fiction about WW2.  The plot follows 3 young women during the war; an American woman, a Polish woman and a German woman, and the moving story weaves their lives together and sheds light upon aspects of the war that are not as commonly spoken of. 

My mother-in-law recommended this book to me, as this book holds significance for my Polish husband's family.  His grandmother and grandfather were sent to Nazi concentration camps during World War 2, so this story was especially compelling and fascinating to me, as part of it takes place in Poland.  I highly recommend reading it.  

Set in Nantucket, this page-turning mystery keeps you guessing with plot twists and interesting characters | www.livingyoungandhealthy.com

The Perfect Couple by Elin Hildebrand

When I saw that Elin Hilderbrand had written a new book, I had to pick it up.  She usually writes realistic fiction set in idyllic Nantucket.  Though I've never been to the island, her books make me want to visit!  This story is more of a mystery, with a death the night before a big wedding.  The writing kept me turning the pages wanting to unveil all the layers of the plot and its characters.  Another quick read that will entertain you on every page.

Another compelling novel by a favorite author, this novel looks at race in our society.  Thought provoking and emotional, you won't want to put it down | www.livingyoungandhealthy.com

Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult

Another favorite author, Jodi Picoult writes yet another compelling novel, this one about race in our society.  This story really made me think about both obvious and subtle racial dynamics in a way that I hadn't before.  It is captivating and thought-provoking, again making me feel emotions on many different levels.  This is a must-read.

I hope you've enjoyed my book list.  I still have a few more on my agenda to finish by the end of summer, so if you've enjoyed this post, let me know and I'll be sure to share the rest of my favorites next time!

There's nothing better than a getting lost in a good book.  These five books (including a series) are page-turners you won't want to put down | www.livingyoungandhealthy.com


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